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This student loan forgiveness site can't be beat!
Reduce your student loan payments.

Cut your monthly student loan payment by up to 60%

Requirements: You must be a student or parent of a student with federal loans that have not already been consolidated. You must be out of school and in repayment of your loans (not in default), or be graduating within six months, and have more than one lender that holds your loans. You must have more than $10,000 in loans.

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student loan forgiveness - TOP PICKS AND ADVICE
student loan forgiveness deals can be hard to find. You may have searched other sites for the best deals, but you’ve probably only learned the Internet is a big and crowded place. That’s why we’re bringing to you the best vendor on the Web for what you want. It’s a crowded field, and it’s hard for regular folks to know which are the best and most reputable lending companies, and you can’t be too careful. And if the vendor we suggest for a student loan forgiveness isn’t quite right, come back and see our alternatives below . . .
student loan forgiveness searching isn’t easy; be sure to come back here if the site we take you isn’t exactly right for your search. We’ve got nothing but loans, loans, loans home equity and real estate loans for veterans, first-time buyers, initial mortgages, refinancings, home improvement, FHA and VA its all here! And you can find low-interest loans, bad-credit loans, good-credit loans, and even no-credit loans. Car and boat loans, truck loans, student loans, personal loans (Stafford and more), payday loans, debt consolidation, business loans, minority loans, unsecured loans, military loans — you can’t handle the loans! Loan calculators available! Also Canadian loans, UK loans, and the best student credit cards on earth.

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