I went on for four years. In the last class before moving to Harbiye is so tight

I left that I can’t stand the incoming discipline. I was unable to keep up with the extreme discipline. I have been a verification of the criminal order every evening. I was written to Haydarpasa High School. I finished this place and signed up to the Numbers Filology. This place was very free to as opposed to Sea College. This also came to me the pusher. I left the 2nd grade. This reveals my character clearly. Unable to accept solid discipline and undue freedom. In general, my childhood and my youth passed in the Geylerbeyi. I have completed my military service as a spare officer. Beylerbeyi Culture Society was established. I’ve been a member of this Society like other Geylerbeyli. For a period of Ramadan in order to provide the coins, we were serving at the building in the building of a foundation next to the Beylerbeyi Mosque. I was the head and supervisor of this organization. From Osman Fathers From Selim ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Đstanbul, Born in 1941 Finished the Light High School. Played in Fenerbahce until 1967 In 1968, he married Hülya Koçyiğit, in 1975 their daughters name Gülşah’s name and launched the Movie and started the production. Especially after the 80s, Hülya Koçyiğit has realized the “Derman”, “Firar”, “Frogs”. He is currently the manager of the Fenerbahçe team. Bulent Ersoy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Bülent Ersoy’s uncle is from RIDVAN AYNAN. And from the managers of Kadıköy Musikî Association. And the conservatory instructor is 60 years friendly of Drum Sadun Aksür. A third friends, Fikret Erkoç. Childhood and neighborhood friends. According to Sadun Bey, Fikret Bey’s wife Necla Hanım has raised the son of Bülent, the only married. “Dresses like a girl, extends their hair like girls and that form. From the girl child longing”. The child has overgrown Bülent Ersoy. As it is known, Cem ADler (means German eagle) had made a short marriage with someone in the name. As well as the following article is also understood the real last name Erkoç. Parla Senol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Father’s Universal Actor Necdet Mahfi; my daughter is Jeyan Mahfi Woe; Babasi Musician Gift Senol. The year 1956 came to the world in Istanbul on May 7th. It was 3.5 years old in the heart of the art environment, his mother took him to the private Madam Olega Ballet Dershane. At the beginning of the 80s, he graduated from Boğaziçi University Faculty of Science Sciences, Department of Psychology. She was married in 1984 with the Nazar in the Husband Nazar. Necdet Mahfi and daughter is Jeyan Jew. Open is Jewish citizens such as a hidden residual, Đshak Alaton. Jeyan Ayral voked the head actries of Turkish movies for many years. TÜRKAN CHOORAY VS. (Sky) HEART WRITER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ real name is Betty Özyeğin. This last name of sabatail is handled. Semra Özal’s maiden name is junkel. Although tangent is a similarity. Frank Oz – Özzet Self – Vahi Self Frank Oz Numbers Film Running, Mupped Show. Đzzet Self Film and Music Producer. Vahi (Vashe) is self-cyclic cinema player with the roost nuri nam of the cock.

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