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quick personal loan - TOP PICKS AND ADVICE
Your Options if You Need Money

If you know what you want and want it now, just click on the links above or here for a quick personal loan . Otherwise, below is candid information on your options to get cash or consolidate debt: (1a) Home Equity Loans, (1b) Lines of Credit, or (2) Home Refinancing; (3) Unsecured Personal Loans or (4) Credit Card Credit; and (5) Credit Repair and as a last resort (6) a Payday Loan.

Options 1(a+b) and 2: IF YOU OWN A HOME

If you own a home, then you have an asset that gives you the option to (1a) take out a home equity loan or (1b) line of credit, or to (2) refinance your house and take cash out. Options 1a and 1b are typically better options if the interest rate on your existing first mortgage is lower than first mortgage rates available now which is probably NOT the case, given that rates today are at their lowest in over 50 years. They are also better options if you only need a small amount of money or have little or no equity in the property. Some lenders let you borrow as much as 125% of the value of the property. With any of these three types of loan, here are . . .

The Many Uses for Money from a Home Equity Loan, Line of Credit, or Refinancing with Cash-Out

* Debt Consolidation – Pay off credit cards, auto loans, student loans or any other debt with the proceeds of the home equity loan.
* Pay Off 2nd/3rd Mortgages, including any existing home equity lines or home equity loans.
* Home Improvement — Make improvements to the subject property.
* Pay Off Home Equity Line — Pay off an existing home equity line.
* Buy a Car
* Cash — Any other reason.

Home Equity Line of Credit — Advantages: you borrow only what you need; you pay interest only on what you borrow; you have very flexible access to funds; and your interest may be tax-deductible. Disadvantages interest rates can change, which means they can go up; payments can therefore change; it could be harder, later, to refinance your first mortgage.

Home Equity Fixed Loan Advantages: your payments are fixed; interest may be tax-deductible. Disadvantages: the interest rates are higher than on first mortgages; it could be harder to refinance your first mortgage down the road.

Option 2: Refinance & Cash-Out First Mortgage

Getting a new first mortgage is typically a better option if current first mortgage rates are lower than your existing first mortgage rate probably the case today. Most lenders ask that you have sufficient equity to obtain a cash-out first mortgage. The highest amount you can borrow is usually from 65% to 85% of the value of your property. Note that rates on refinance cash-out mortgages can be higher than rates on refinance mortgages with no cash out.

Reasons to refinance

* Reduce your mortgage interest rate, change the term of your mortgage, and change your loan program
* Get cash out
* Consolidate debts in one place (i.e., with your new mortgagor), including paying off an existing second or third mortgage or home equity line
* Do home improvement


Unsecured Personal Loan (Option 3) Or Credit Card Debt (Option 4)

Personal loans other than payday loans (Option 6 below) were once more common this was back when bankers knew their customers but even now banks and credit unions will give loans to people with a sudden need for money and a clean credit history, established employment and residency, and a low debt-to-income ratio. These loans are rarely if ever made online (without a home as collateral), because they are often based on personal relationships. With good credit, you can typically borrow anywhere from a few hundred to around $35,000. Unsecured loans usually offer terms similar to those of a credit card that is, a high interest rate. In fact, if you had the discipline to use a credit card as a loan by making a minimum payment, and knew how to figure out the payment required to pay it off in a set period, you might even choose to use credit card financing for the same results.

In fact, some lenders may try to steer you toward a credit card instead of, or in addition to, an unsecured loan. Credit cards do have their own risks: the interest rates are not fixed and may go up. Weve all seen 21% credit card rates!

Personal loans are unsecured loans that come in either lump sums or a revolving lines of credit. Lump sum loans, also called closed-end loans, usually carry a fixed interest rate; lines of credit have adjustable rates. A line of credit may cost more than a closed-end loan because it moves with fluctuating interest rates. The term of a closed-end loan varies with your credit standing — the better your credit, the longer the bank will give you — and how much you borrow. The shorter the term, the less the loan is going to cost.

* Because borrowers have no collateral such as a home, unsecured personal loans are more expensive, with the average interest rate being higher than that on a home equity loan.
* Even credit cards can be cheaper than unsecured loans.
* Besides interest, you may have to pay an annual service or maintenance fee on the loan that is either a flat fee or a percentage of the lump sum.
*If you want to apply anyway, find the best interest rates; start with a credit union, if youre a member, for the best rates.

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