On the other hand, ‘Last Casesian’ is a novel as well as the basic and secondary theses that it lasts forward. Here is to produce hypotheses that support the main thesis of my determination and findings. In the tissue of the novel, the possible analysis of non-historical evidence is successful in producing hypothesis, otherwise, if it is not contrasting the base base with historical evidence, it means that otherwise failed. Therefore, the abduction of Roza is not the thesis, but the explanation of the writer’s imagination, reflecting the announcement efforts to explain, and I think it is a non-contradictory hypothesis. – What were the effects of Jews on the Ottoman Palace? What do you tend to have the Hazar Jews to fail to establish state? The Jews were not only in the Ottoman Palace, but many or less enabled in many palaces throughout history. Since they do not get soiled, these cuts in trade, in trading, jewelry, has continued its effects in a wide area with the efforts of their progressive members in medicine. However, it has been considered in the Ottoman Palace of despised positions in the West with religious prints and non-religious discrimination. Legal and II when the Ottoman history is examined. In the periods of Selim, it will be seen that these effects are strongly and becomes widespread. In the next novel, the responses of these questions will be given in details. There II. As new and other jarring claims on Selim will also be included in the Caspian Jews, the state of building the state will fail to open. – European Jews (asyases), what do they think of Turkish legislation, therefore coestler’s thesis? In the written stage of my book in a Jewed press member, “Aşkenaz Who says?” When I asked, I have received the response to “Almani Jews” from him. However, the name of Aşkenaz passes in the Old Testament and this person comes from the yasef descendant, the ancestors of the Turks. In fact, even this is, even the European Jews exhibits his view of this thesis. Especially the American Jews gathered Arthur Coestler’s review from bookshops and libraries. Jews are approaching the reaction to Jewish-Jewish distinction. I guess the reason for these reactions is that Hitler’s Jewish genocide and ‘the belief of’ promised land ‘is the basic existence of the Đsrail state. – Will your next novel will be continued?

Name of my future novel, maybe ‘yellow Selim’, perhaps ‘the last Ottoman will be’; I don’t have a final decision for the name. As I have already explained, in the next novel, Selim’s life will be monitored. Of course, on this life history, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand to some historical events, a very stunning comments will be stunning. Nice interesting events until I was made to establish the Jewish state in Cyprus to establish the Jewish state. The love between Nurbanu and Selim, which is originally Jewish, the deep relations of Yasf Nassi with Nurbanu and the historians of Yasef Nassi, the side of this novel, but the important items. Nuray Soysal Tempo Magazine1924 An exclude of the globe: Orthodox Turks Christianity and Turkish. At our close history and nowadays these two were perceived as Mefhums that are so far away ..

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