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GREAS BATTARY: Jews I would like to tell you the truths about the Armenian issue in order to download the curtains in your eyes in this post: I would like to tell the truth about the Armenian issue in order to download the curtains in your eyes: I would like to talk about two great minorities in the Ottoman Empire since centuries. That is, from the Jews and Armenians. The strugs between these two minorities was cain and then the clash of the commercial interests of the two emerges, not until the party and the terrachy party was established. The Armenians were always more cuspident than the Jews and the cheat did not trade in the cheating scrap paths or their opponent as they were not taught in society cultures. The Jews were such that they were in their teachings, as Jews said.

In the 1870s, two arms of Judaism, ie Sabetaycılar and Jews began to recover and strengthen in their own. With the help of French, Đtalian and other external forces, they realized the dimensions of their united powers in the economic area. Destroy the Đmparışıkı and began to throw the seeds of establishing a new state that they completely establish their systems. However, it could not be of course to be friendly with the Armenians with the largest competitors among the plans. Therefore, you can’t see the Armenians in Jeen Turks, and Interrise and Terakki. They entranced the Armenians to melt and destroy some kind. The intended, in various cities of Anatolia, centuries were a strong minority society, which was a strong minority society, and it was to establish a state that all sovereignty and management themselves will be in the hands of all sovereignty and management themselves. Sabetay Sevi was intended in the 17th century, Christians were destroyed. It was time and to be carried out for purposes. The Armenians will be destroyed, to Anadolu themselves, so most rich and powerful sabetopists were to come and settle. The Jews would dispose of the most powerful opponents in the empire. Sabetaycilar has come to the other communities in the Balkans without making them feel themselves. Other communities could not do anything if they feel sabetopists are different. The generation was very poor in other communities. Power and money were in the hands of sabetaycilar. The behaviors and features seen in sabetopists sounded as if the other nationalities were the behavior of their financial richness. Halbuki was the opposite. Sabetaycilar was very different as culture and they were rich in common Haraket and originally Jews with Jews.

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