The 4.O course (10 years) seems a crucial moment to promote emotional skills, especially among girls, and cordial behaviors in children. (Abstract)

Summary: (.pdf, 315 Kb., 13 p.) In the link you can consult the first pages of the book. On one occasion an admired psychiatrist of Barcelona told me that when she meets very distressed parents he usually asks them, to reassure them a little, if they consider themselves better or worse parents than the Simpsons. It is difficult, knowing the vicinity of that unique family, which are not considered better. The psychiatrist makes them see then that the Simpsons are not doing it wrong with their children either. Therefore, if they are better, they should feel satisfied. I do not intend to offer parents the answers to the problems that I, from the outside, supposed they had, but to see them that there are neither the parents nor the perfect children. There are no perfect parents, but there are good parents. And although those parents are today being subjected to more demands than ever, it is important to live with naturally, paternity, with its own values ​​and convictions. This book advocates to live paternity from normal, with clear criteria, but without overcoats. Because although the family model is changing, it is not a sensible to renounce the least common of the senses. (Editorial)

Summary: He has signed a constitutional treatise that is an authentic galimaties already in the title itself. After as much rhetoric about the “reunification of the continent”, it also has difficulties for simple expansion. Its members are divided about the seat at the UN, the war of Iraq, postwar, relations with the United States, relations with Israel, terrorist organizations, and defense, immigration and security policy. It is moving demographically and has difficulty competing in global markets. Summoned to vote for its parliament, do not go to the polls. And, call to define his identity, he refuses to explicit his cultural and religious roots. It seems Babylon, but it is today’s Europe. The one that preaches the relativistic idea that there are no universal values, not even those great principles that civilized the world. The one that manifests itself for peace even when it is warned of the “holy war” of Islamic fanaticism. The one, not to call the problems by name, uses a “politically correct language”. And what is said lay when in reality is practicing a dogmatic and arrogant form of laity ideology.

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